Friday, 7 December 2012


HanKore Environment Tech Group is an international group investing and operating in the water environment sector. Its head office is located in Beijing, China. The Group’s holding company was officially listed on the main board of the Singapore Exchange in February 2004.

Leveraged on its defined strategic planning and responsive operational philosophy, and making use of its competitiveness in technology and capital funding, HanKore has expanded in China rapidly. Following the successful execution of projects in Xianyang, Kunshan, Lianyungang, Nanjing, Suzhou, Beijing, Binzhou, Jiangdu and Suqian, the Group has accumulated solid experience in project financing, construction and operation in the municipal utilities segment. HanKore is one of the leaders in the water environment market in China.

As a long term objective, the Group has been dedicating its efforts to increase the scale of municipal waste water treatment, and actively expanding the recycling of treated waste water, sludge treatment and related businesses. Through these efforts, the Group is building up its status as an integrated environmental technology group, and in a leading position in commercialization and development scale. Main areas of business of the Group are municipal waste water treatment, recycling of treated waste water, industrial waste water treatment and sludge treatment.

Presently, HanKore has investments in 14 large scale municipal water/ wastewater treatment projects in Beijing and in the provinces of Jiangsu, Shandong, Shannxi and Henan in China. The Group has become a large scale integrated water environment group involved in the financing, engineering & construction, operation, equipment & engineering contracting in municipal utilities. The Group uses its in-house advanced environmental protection technology resources to customize suitable solutions to customers which will bring economic and environmental values.

As a solution provider in urban environment resource recycling, HanKore Environment Tech Group Limited focuses on providing one-stop solution to regional governments. The Group also emphasizes on the promotion and development of the environmental protection industry in China.

HanKore Environment Tech Group Limited is a strong advocate of and participant in corporate social responsibilities as a contribution to the progress and harmony of the society.

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